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Led GU10 Lamps

GU10 lamps (or bulbs) are one of the most popular lighting products on the market. Used in the majority of spotlights and downlights, this mains voltage lamp is simple and effective. Up until recently most people were buying 35W or 50W halogen lamps, which have to be replaced every 1,000 - 2,000hrs. With the evolution of quality LED lamps coming in standard halogen form factors, customers can now purchase LED GU10s that are a straight retrofit for traditional lighting but consume up to 90% less energy. The consequence of this energy reduction means:

a) Lower carbon footprint 
b) Lower heat production (less fire risk, less damage to fittings, less room heat), leading to longer lifespan
c) Lower running costs, especially as electricity prices continually rise 

Most quality LED GU10s have rated lives of at least 30,000 hours, which means you can fit and forget. They should last for years, reducing maintenance costs, and overall cost of ownership. These lamps should offer you a payback in a matter of months.

You may also wish to combine your GU10 with a good quality fire-rated downlight fitting. We sell a variety of such fittings. A good choice is the Ansell iCage, which comes in Fixed, adjustable, and IP65 shower-rated versions. A choice of bezel finishes is also available, from white, to chrome, satin chrome, brass etc. Click on the image below to view iCage selection and pricing.

Ansell iCage