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LED candles lamps

LED candles lamps have been specially developed for chandeliers and open wall sconces, to enhance the decorative and aesthetic appeal of luminaires, whether they are switched on or off. They are safe to use as they do not emit excessive heat and are flameless.

The light quality is outstanding and provides a quality light output from every angle. LED candles are environmently friendly as they do not contain mercury or lead and are not subject to any specialist recycling requirements. They consume 80% less energy than traditional incandescent candle lamps. LED candle lamps are durable and have the capacity to glow for up to 20,000 hours. They create a sophisticated and appealing décor in any room and are cost-effective too.

Novel Energy Lighting recommends Philips LED DiamondSpark Candles and Megaman LED Candles , which can deliver brightness equivalent to 40W traditional candles. They are dimmable so as to save more energy and provide an intimate ambience. You will find a variety of slender candle shaped lamps in designs to suit existing luminaires. LED Candles are a quick retrofit and can by installed into existing fixtures with E14, B15 or B22 sockets. They emit sparkling LED light that creates a beautiful ambience in any room.

LED Candles are available in 3.5W to 7W models, offering an output equivalent to 25W to 40W traditional candle bulbs, but with up to 80% less energy consumption and minimal heat emission. Please browse our range to select the right candle lamp for your chandelier or wall sconce. Enjoy a warm white light, that is friendly to the environment, and lasts up to 20 times as long as a conventional candle lamp.