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LED GLS lamps and bulbs – Amazing light from little energy

Novel Energy Lighting supplies LED GLS lamps and bulbs, which offer a welcoming warm atmosphere. Their unique design radiates light in all directions, making them a true alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lamps. LED GLS bulbs are ideal for general lighting applications and particularly suited to areas such as lobbies, corridors, stairwells, where the light is on for long periods.

These bulbs come in both dimmable and non-dimmable configurations, and E27 and B22 bases, to suit your application. We stock only top quality LED brands that deliver top quality performance. Our LED GLS line-up includes lamps by Philips, Megaman and Osram. Philips offers two ranges of LED GLS lamps – their CorePro GLS range, which is non-dimmable and comes with a 2yr warranty, and their MasterLED range which is dimmable and comes with a 3 year warranty.

All our LED GLS bulbs are environmental friendly as they do not contain harmful mercury or lead unlike fluorescent bulbs, and can therefore be recycled with no special treatment. They offer amazing light output with rated lifespans of up to 50,000 hours, minimizing maintenance and re-lamping costs. LED GLS products deliver huge energy savings up to 80%. The Megaman LED GLS bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the LED Crown Silver bulbs for decorative needs. These lamps are a direct replacement for incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in terms of both color temperature and intensity. Once installed, they are a fit and forget solution.

LED GLS light bulbs deliver a dimmable glow effect for a warm atmosphere, without harmful UV or IR emissions. Use them safely in homes, hotels and offices.  A 4-6W lamp will deliver 25W equivalent light output, a 8W lamp will deliver 40W equivalent lighting output, a 10-12W lamp will deliver 60W equivalent light output, and 13-15W lamp will deliver 75W equivalent light output, and a 18-20W lamp will deliver 100W equivalent light output (consider the Philips LED GLS bulbs 18W=100W, which is the highest output LED bulb available).

Adopt new LED GLS lighting for your homes, hotels and offices and saving energy.