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We provide here a selection of useful documents and media for you to download. Please contact us if you require further information on Energy Efficient Lighting.

The Basics of Lighting (© Philips):  PDF icon

Philips MasterLED Dimmer List (© Philips):   Philips MasterLED Dimmer List Jun-16

Philips Recommended Transformer List (© Philips):   Philips Recommended Transformer List Oct-15

Philips LED Product Portfolio (© Philips):   Philips LED Product Portfolio

Philips LED Lamp catalogue (© Philips):  2016 Philips LED Lamp catalogue

Philips CoreLine LED Fittings catalogue (© Philips):   Corepro LED range Jan-18

Philips LED Tube Range (© Philips):  Summer 2015 Philips LED Tube Range

Philips LEDs in Industy Applications brochure (© Philips):  PDF icon

Philips LEDs in Hospitality brochure (© Philips):  PDF icon

Why Philips Lamps? (© Philips):  PDF icon

Megaman LED Lamps Catalogue (© Megaman): PDF icon

Megaman LED Fixture Catalogue (© Megaman): PDF icon

Megaman LED: Recommend Dimmers for LED lamps and fittings (© Megaman): PDF icon

Osram LED: LED Lamps and tubes portfolio for professional and trade (© LEDVance): PDF icon

LEDVance LED: Luminaires portfolio for professional and trade (© LEDVance): PDF icon 

Osram LED Lamps and Fittings Dimmer Lists (© LEDVance):   Philips MasterLED Dimmer List Nov-14

Osram LEDvance LED Control Gear (ECG) Compatibility Lists (© LEDVance):   Philips MasterLED Dimmer List Nov-14


By Philips: How do LED lamps work?:

Philips MASTER LEDSpot with ExpertColor technology (© Philips):

Philips LED Tube Range: Instantly efficient, Instantly sustainable (© Philips):

Philips MASTER LEDcandles DiamondSpark (© Philips):

Philips MASTER LEDspot and LEDbulb Dimtone Video (© Philips):

Aurora: Life of an LED Explained  (© Aurora):