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Novel Energy Lighting works with larger clients on Lighting Projects (hotels, new builds, remodels, shops, offices, industrial, etc), and can provide tailored site surveys, quotations, financing (through partners below), and even installation services as required. We offer a smart financial solution for larger clients wishing to upgrade their existing lighting with energy efficient alternatives. Lighting Finance programmes allows clients to retrofit their facility with LED lighting (lamps, tubes, luminaires, controls and sensors etc) without any upfront capital expenditure. This solution is not only appropriate for capital constrained organisations (e.g. public entities, churches or charities) but also for businesses wishing to deploy scarce capital resources elsewhere.

A typical lighting loan has a 2 to 4 year term. The monthly loan repayments are covered by the electricity cost savings, making the scheme cost neutral to clients (often cash positive). Furthermore, the lamps, tubes, and fittings provided by Novel Energy Lighting are covered by robust multi-year manufacturer replacement warranties, thus minimising any risks for the client. We have a partnership with Lombard Capital (part of the RBS Group) for Low Energy financing, and can offer extremely favourable terms to mitigate the upfront cost of LED retrofit. Finance can also be provided via the Carbon Trust energy efficient financing scheme (delivered by Siemens Financial Services (SFS)), through Salix funding (for Public sector projects), or the new Green Deal. Novel Energy Lighting works with Lombard, SFS, Salix, or DECC to complete the finance application, making the process simple for the client.

The Loan-to-Own approach is generally appropriate for retrofits of facilities with more than 200 lamps or tubes. Novel Energy customises projects to meet client circumstances, providing tailored technical and commercial proposals based on site surveys, power rates and usage patterns. We can provide data-logging services to accurately measure your lighting usage. Our proposal can include installation as well as supply of high quality LED lighting. We will configure the retrofit to match (or improve upon) the lumens, lux, colour temperature, beam angle, and dimming functionality of your existing lighting inventory. There will also be an opportunity to review control options, e.g. install intelligent lighting control systems (occupancy/daylight sensors) to reduce electricity consumption.


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Summary of Typical Loan Terms:

  • Financing Term: Typically 2 to 4 years (depends on scope and lamp usage)
  • Loan Repayment: Paid monthly by client; covered by the electricity cost savings (often cash positive)
  • Installation: By Novel Energy Lighting or by client; can include upgrade of controls with sensors
  • Guarantees: We provide long replacement warranties on all lamps, tubes, and fittings -> minimises client risk
  • Quality: We carefully evaluate technical specifications and supply only top quality, durable, market leading brands (for example, Philips), and are therefore confident in our lifetime and performance gurarantees


Summary of Benefits: 

  • Energy Savings: Client enjoys significant energy savings (up to 90%) with no capital outlay:
       - Top quality LED lamps: replaces Incandescent, CFL, and Halogen lamps
       - Top quality LED T8 tubes: replace fluorescent T8 tubes
       - T5 fluorescent tube kits: upgradeT8/T12 EM fluorescent tubes in existing luminaires: power savings up to 60%
  • Labour Savings: Virtually eliminates labour needed to replace blown lamps – great for awkward locations!
  • Scalable: can be rolled out to other client buildings to increase savings
  • Sustainability: large CO2 footprint reduction, environmentally friendly, no toxic mercury in LEDs, and less lamp replacement waste
  • Replacement Savings: lifetimes up to 50,000hrs (LEDs); less change-out labour and lamp replacement costs
  • Cost of Ownership Savings: Significantly lower lifetime running costs (short payback time)
  • CRC: Meet your CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme obligations and targets (if eligible) 


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