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Lighting energy bills are rising, and burning a hole in business owners and consumers’ pockets. This is driving an urgency to replace lighting in homes and offices with efficient alternatives. LED lighting is a perfect retrofit solution, and brings significant cost of ownership savings. Although the initial purchase costs are higher than traditional lighting, LED lighting saves significant money over its life, since it consumes a fraction of the electricity, and is rated for decades of fault-free operation, thus eliminating maintenance costs. Novel Energy Lighting provides a whole range of LED lighting from quality manufacturers, under one roof. You can get more information on specific lighting products like LED GU10 lamps, LED Tubes, or LED Panels by calling the Sales Hotline 0208-540-8287 or emailing

We also work with clients on Lighting Projects (hotels, new builds, remodels, shops, offices, industrial, etc), and can provide tailored site surveys, quotations, financing (through partners), and installation services as required. This is a smart financial solution for larger clients wishing to upgrade their existing lighting with energy efficient alternatives. Lighting Finance programmes allow clients to retrofit their facility with LED lighting (lamps, tubes, luminaires, controls and sensors etc) without any upfront capital expenditure. This solution is not only appropriate for capital constrained organisations (e.g. public entities, churches or charities) but also for businesses wishing to deploy scarce capital resources elsewhere.

We supply an extensive range of efficient LED products that help to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses and save the environment. Popular products for retail and commercial projects include LED tubes, LED panels, and LED spots. In addition, Novel Energy Lighting offers a wide range of lamps and fittings from leading manufacturers like Philips, Megaman, Osram, and Heathfield.

All our products are carefully selected for their performance. Customer satisfaction is key, not just at the time of transaction but over the life of the light which means we must be confident in what we sell. Products are chosen for their superior light output, colour rendering, consistency, heat-sink design, build quality, warranty, and many other attributes. We provide customer support throughout a project, from lighting design, product selection, and sourcing, through to installation, and lighting finance, to ensure our customers are delighted with the finished product.