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Anyone who has tried to use an ordinary dimmer with unsuitable LED based lamps or lighting systems will know that the results can be disappointing. Extreme flickering, unsmooth light variation or even complete failure can be the result, because LED technology is quite different to that of incandescent lamps and it works in a different way.
Now leading British Smart Home technology designers LightwaveRF have introduced a new ‘ Smart Dimmer’ which is compatible with the majority of dimmable LED lamps, enabling smooth dimming of the latest energy-saving  lamps either locally or remotely using a Smartphone or Tablet.
The dimmers are not only LED compatible, but they also have an intelligent 5-level dimming depth option. When the LED lamps are installed, the dimmer can be adapted to a particular lamp’s lowest dimming point, making it a simple and truly compatible solution. Once the new dimmers are fitted, they can be controlled either manually, locally using a handheld remote, or from a Smartphone. The LightwaveRF app, (free to download from the App Store and Google Play), also allows users to set ‘timers’ and ‘events’ so that a house can look occupied even if there is no one at home. This lighting feature works seamlessly with LightwaveRF heating and power controls to ensure that the entire performance of your home is in your hands wherever you are.
John Shermer, Managing Director of JSJS Designs, the British design company behind the project, says: “We are delighted to be releasing this new range of LED-compatible dimmers. Recent changes in the lighting industry have meant LEDs are now in many more locations and traditional dimmers are not always able to operate them.” This advance in the system makes it easy and economical to successfully control LED lighting, and cut energy bills even further.
Because LightwaveRF systems are modular and all devices are fully compatible with each other, the Smart Dimmers (Model No. JSJSLW400/420/430/440) can be installed at any time and work smoothly with other devices already installed. They mark a significant step towards the company’s goal of providing energy-saving solutions at an affordable price.