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Warranty policy for LED Lamps and Fittings:

Novel Energy Lighting Ltd will honour the terms of the standard manufacturers warranties for lamps, tubes, and fittings sold on this site. We will act as the direct point of contact for all customer warranty claims. Products will be replaced with the like-for-like current model of the day if the original model is no longer available. Faulty products must be returned to us for warranty replacement.

For Philips products, this policy is applicable only to Philips branded professional LED lamps (‘Products’) purchased as from September 2014 onwards within Europe

This warranty policy is subject to the provisions as set forth herein and is subject to the terms and conditions as provided on the Philips Professional Lamps website, or as specified here (hereinafter: “Warranty Terms and Conditions”). This warranty policy applies to all Philips MasterLED lamps purchased through the Novel Energy Lighting website.

Philips general warranty terms are here, for other lighting products:

 A. Warranty period
Megaman: 3 year* warranty on all lamps and bulbs. (*Megaman will provide an extended LED warranty of a further 2 years on the Megaman LED Professional Series range with the completion of an approved registration card)
Heathfield: 3 year warranty on all LED tubes, 5 year warranty on GU10s and MR16s (*5 years warranty based on 12 hours operation per day)
Osram:5 years on PARATHOM PRO lamps, 5 years on PARATHOM ADVANCED lamps, 4 years on PARATHOM lamps, 2 years on PARATHOM LED RETROFIT lamps, 3 years or 20 000 operation hours (whatever comes first) on SubstiTUBE Value tubes
Full details available on the Osram website:
Philips: Subject to the provisions as set forth in the Warranty Terms and Conditions and as set forth hereunder, Purchaser receives the warranty for the applicable period expressed in years or hours, whatever comes first, as described in table 1 hereunder. 

Philips warranty period

Table 1: Warranty period for Philips LED lamps

B. Special Conditions

  • Thewarrantyperiodstartsonthedateofinvoice
  • The warranty period is based on years or operating hours whatever comes first, at an ambient temperature of 25 °C in open luminaires with a 10 mm gap around the Product or at the same ambient temperature in closed luminaires.
  • Warranty for Products in closed luminaires applies in accordance to the warranty periods as mentioned in Table 1 above.
  • On request, an ‘extended warranty’ or ‘customized project warranty’ can be agreed after evaluation of the specific application conditions.
  • Purchaser shall not rely on any other information or documentation.

This warranty only covers Products applied within their "intended" or "normal use" as defined by: 

  • Operatingconditionsareinaccordancewiththeinformationonthe Products and its packaging; AND
  • Ambienttemperatureneverexceedstheoperatingtemperaturerange-20˚Cto+30˚C(forLEDtubes:-20˚Cto+45˚C);AND
  • Relativehumidityintheinstallationneverexceeds80%RH,orneverexceeds the IP rating of the Product, if any, is provided; AND
  • Products are operated in an open luminaire with minimum 10 mm gap around the Products, or in closed luminaire; AND
  • Products are not subjected to more than a total of 50,000 switching cycles (with a switching cycle defined as 30 seconds ‘on’ and 30 seconds ‘off’); AND
  • the electrical installation in which the Product operates is not subjected to voltage fluctuations exceeding +/- 10% of 230 V.

C. Summary Warranty Terms and Conditions (non-exhaustive)

  • ThiswarrantypolicyisvalidonlyforproductssoldinEurope.Inother regions, other conditions may apply.
  • ProductshavebeenpurchaseddirectlyfromaPhilips(sales)organisation.
  • ProofofpurchaseisavailableforinspectionbyPhilips.
  • Productshavebeenproperlyinstalledandoperatedinaccordancewith the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Adequaterecordsofoperatinghistoryareavailableforinspectionby Philips.
  • APhilipsrepresentativewillhaveaccesstothedefectiveProducts.If the Products or other parts become suspect, the representative shall have the right to invite other manufacturers’ representatives to evaluate the lighting systems.
  • Labourcostsfor(de-)installationoftheProductsarenotcoveredunder this warranty