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Philips offers first class halogen transformer compatibility thanks to intelligent electronics within low voltage LED Lamps

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Philips designed a unique (patent protected) intelligent driver concept for their low voltage (12 V) LED lamps, which enables broad compatibility with existing electronic and electromagnetic Halogen transformers. Therefore, Philips low voltage (12 V) LED lamps universally replace 12 V Halogen spot lamps with unique first class transformer compatible electronics. 

Philips is the first to have fundamentally solved the challenge of making an extremely low energy consuming lamp work on a wide variety (hundreds of types worldwide) of standard 12V Halogen transformers. The Halogen 12V lamps are connected (alone or with a group of lamps) to Halogen transformers which have a typical load range from 20W to 15 W and are powered in the range from one 20W lamp to three 50W lamps. For a simple plug and play replacement, low voltage LED lamps should work normally when connecting to such a Halogen transformer. This is not easy since most Halogen transformers require a certain minimum load of 20W or higher to power the lamp and function properly. This patented electronics solution makes Halogen transformers perceive the lamp as a normal Halogen lamp to operate normally, while only delivering the required low power to the LED lamp (e.g. 4W MR16). 

Not having the right driver (electronics) solution in LED lamps could result in compatibility issues with the existing installed base of transformers once these LED lamps are installed, such as:


  • Lamp not starting up
  • Flicker in the light beam
  • Transformer overheating or saturation, which can lead to shortened transformer lifetime
  • Transformer replacement


How many spots can be connected to a standard halogen transformer?

Divide the rated power of the transformer by the replacement wattage:

e.g. 150W Transformer; 35W replacement lamp = max 4 LED lamps per transformer



Philips Transformer Details (content from the Philips website)


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